English for Theologians

Newly-published “English for Theologians” is a comprehensive, practical and beautifully illustrated textbook written for students of Orthodox theology who also want to master the English language. This publication is a collaborative international project comprised of esteemed professors of English and learned theologians in Ukraine and the United States, edited and funded by American foundation, Theological Institute Philadelphia.
The textbook project was led by:
• Very Reverend Dr. Volodymyr Vakin, Rector, Volyn Orthodox Theological Academy;
• Very Reverend Bohdan Zhoba, Director,Theological Institute Philadelphia
• Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Nataliia Odarchuk and Dr. Yuliia Hordiyenko, Dr. Iryna Kalynovska, Dr. Elina Koliada, Dr. Tetiana Mironchyk, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University;
• LiteraryEditor,Susan Guz, President, Theological Institute Philadelphia
A limited supply of the First Edition published in the USA in hard cover format is available for US$50.00 per book. Your purchase benefits the Volyn Orthodox Theological Academy in Lutsk, Ukraine. Please make your check payable to Saint Nicholas Eastern OrthodoxChurch, 817 North 7th Street, Philadelphia,PA19123 USA.
Buy a supply of these textbooks for your Sunday school classes, adult religious education seminars, for students in a seminary, or for anyone who wants to learn about - or refresh - his or her knowledge of the traditions and dogma of the Orthodox religion. Students at the Volyn Orthodox Theological Academy are currently using these textbooks as part of their curriculum with great success.
Your interest and support is appreciated. For more information, contact Theological InstitutePhiladelphia,TIPUSA2018@gmail.com.

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